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Welcome to my page!~

Hi! My name is Tami and I would like to say I am an artist. My posts and updates are far and few between, but I always say I will try harder to post more. My favorite color is blue, I like dogs and cats equally, and I absolutely love doing nothing! You might see more activity from me on my tumblr, so feel free to follow if you wish. I am admitted homestuck and weaboo trash! Hope you enjoy what little art I post ;A;

Massive inspirations


I am pissed. I am going to class. hopefully things will sort itself out by the time I am finished work tonight.
Request 4: vyacheislav by TrulyTami
Request 4: vyacheislav
How stupid do you think I am? Did you think that I would not look up the characters and find one is a pedophile. At first I thought that the swastika was the only inappropriate thing about the picture. No. I don't care what kind of excuse you make. Your deviation suggests either you ARE a pedophile, or are a SUPPORTER of pedophilia, both of which are just plain disgusting. You are a sick fuck and I have half a mind to report you! And don't even get me started on you as a human being. Please, do not go anywhere near my page. I don't want your filth near my artwork. I am thoroughly disgusted. This is revolting.  
Request 3: LBPHeroMonster5 by TrulyTami
Request 3: LBPHeroMonster5
here is the third of the requests! these are fun! 
character belongs to :iconlbpheromonster5:
hope you like it! I hope it captures his personality OmO I kinda guessed...
Request 2: arkeis-pokemon by TrulyTami
Request 2: arkeis-pokemon
how draw chairs QAQ 
second request done. 
character belongs to :iconarkeis-pokemon:
hope you like it!
Request 1: conexionmanga by TrulyTami
Request 1: conexionmanga
What cuties. the first of my five requests. 
hope you like!
Characters not mine. Bill cipher belongs to Disney
Acadamia belongs to :iconconexionmanga:
Gonna stream the Requests I recieved! come join and chat with me!
ok so I'm gonna open up five spots for requests. only doing five at the moment, because I still have college, work and my sister is having a baby really soon. like in the next week soon.
I'm mainly trying to get back into the groove of things in respect to requests.
1. :iconconexionmanga: Finished
2. :iconarkeis-pokemon: Finished
3. :iconlbpheromonster5: Finished
4. :iconvyacheislav: Finished
5. :iconjagoman169: Started

If you want a request, please message me what character you want me to draw, as well as reference pictures.
Please note that I will not draw anything I am not comfortable showing my viewers. And there are certain things I am unable to draw. This includes,  but is not exclusive to:
nsfw and fetishes
anything I say I am not comfortabl drawing.

No disrespect, but I dont have to do this. If I say, no I dont want to draw tmnt characters making out, then dont push it. I'm not drawing tmnt characters making out.
Also, please be patient with me, as I have a busy life and my schedule might not permit me pushing out five drawings in a night. I only do that when I sacrifice sleep, or other things.
Please feel free to message me! I wont bite!! :)
  • Mood: Cheerful
Felicity and Esme by TrulyTami
Felicity and Esme
in order from left to right is Felicity, Esme and Tami.
Felicity and Esme are the entities that use Tamis body as a vessel. Felicity loves making cookies and smiles while Felicity just likes pushing peoples buttons. 
Jackie by TrulyTami
Jackie is in her early 30's and works as a hotel owner. Is the older sister to Alex, and was former leader of the Diamonds. She was more acting leader as Alex was only 17 and nobody took him seriously. very cynical and mean, she is all business, which clashes with the other personalities in the Diamonds. She is their Boss, not there to be friends. Enjoys good cuisine, and classical music. Does not have a good relationship with her parents because they forced her into a managerial position in the diamonds, and she has to work with a bunch of creative assholes. Is very prideful. despite all this she knows how to relax over at the strip club. lives a life of luxury. She is an asshole too.


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NaniCaroArt Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wahhh wth did u list us as not only ur frnd but as one of ur inspirations? ;o;
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Happy birthday~ 8D
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Omg, thank you so much for the watch (even though that was like two months ago) I really appreciate it! :heart:
NaniCaroArt Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

wow tami! thank u so much for the llama nd the points! we rly appreciate it! its nani's birthday on the 15th tho, she sends many thanks :D


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